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We have a large inventory of guns & ammo in stock...if we don't have it, we can get it!

We carry a wide range of weapons starting with compact handguns for men or women to full size handguns to fit the wants and needs of the hunter, concealed weapon carrier or just the avid shooter.  We occasionally come across pieces for the collector, as well.   We also carry rifles and shotguns for the beginner to the one that has a taste for a specific firearm.  If we don't have it, we can usually find it.

We handle full auto weapons, as well.  We do have many in stock and can get most any special request within 48 hrs.  Some of the available weapons we have or come across on a regular basis are the M11, Uzi (compact or full size),  M16 Rifles with tri-burst packs or full-auto, several HK models in 9mm and .223. We also come across M60 belt fed rifles.   Another handy firearm we carry is the Serbu Super Shorty Rem. 870, which is registered as any other weapon and is a great firearm for self protection.

We carry several calibers of ammo, but can have most any ammo within 24-48 hours upon request.